Rick Walker - "A Single Toy Music Box"

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My 12.12.12. piece was created by taking a pre-recorded toy music box with the John Lennon song, 'Imagine' and physically manipulating it by manually revolving the cylindrical striker mechanism whilst simultaneously muting and unmuting the tines; then intermixing this with random motions of the crank mechanism that normally plays the music box, all the while micing the desktop that the music box was attached to and routing the pickup through a single LP-2 Mini Looper by Looperlative and controlling the speed and direction of the loops with my feet in real time. This signal was then routed through a small battery powered amplifier with different amp models in it whose output would cut out in a square wave tremelo fashion when I would rotate the dial that selects the amp models. This caused a distinct, manual glitching effect. I played and recorded for exactly 12 minutes and did not edit my piece.



from Looper's Delight 12​-​12​-​12 Project, released March 31, 2013
Rick Walker





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